Job Training Skills: (SAMGE):

People recently released from prison not only need to find a job, but they also need to remain employed in order,  to       establish stability and ideally to lay the foundation for long term advancement and wage growth.  However, the jobs     they often find are temporary or transitional.

Employment plays a crucial role in helping ex-prisoners avoid criminal behavior and re-incarceration.  Thus, a primary goal of Bridge Prison Ministry is to prepare ex-prisoners for success in the labor market and increase their                         employment opportunities.

Securing and Maintaining Gainful Employment (SAMGE) is a 10-week course geared  toward job success for the ex-    prisoner.


Join the SAMGE Team!

The training covers the following:

  • Not only to find a job but to keep a job.
  • Create a plan and set goals
  • Access Yourself
  • Creating a Resume

Time Commitment Investment:  2 hours per week or on a rotational schedule.

Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance—

Proverbs 1:5