Cecilia Bedoy

Intercessory Leader

My role as an intercessory leader is to build a team of intercessors to pray for Bridge Prison Ministry.

We are in prayer one hour prior to Thursday’s reentry group meetings. We pray for individual prayer card requests received from Thursday’s group at Passion Church and from Tuesday’s reentry group at the Center of Opportunity. We lift up in prayer the directives from Pete and Sandy, our mentors, the current day’s lesson, every member that will be attending the group, and those that are unable to be in attendance.

As a prayer ministry, we are meeting with Sandy at The Silas Home on the first Monday of each month. We pray for the home and every resident living there and for those men that will be coming soon. We pray for the mentors and for the Advisory Board. We have planned prayer walks through the neighborhood as well.

In addition, Daryl Loveless and I have been meeting at my house for prayer on Mondays, as the Lord leads. During the week we send a group text with scriptures or something pertaining to that week’s lesson and everyone seems to be getting involved. They share scripture or circumstances through which they have been navigating that week. We call or send scriptures to those who were unable to attend Thursday’s group meeting. We are receiving praise reports. God is faithful.

Psalm 33:4 For the Word of the Lord is upright, And all His work is done in faithfulness.

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